Somewhere along the way, metals stopped being exclusively showcased within jewelry. Now, they are all around us, from our shoes, to details on our shirts. Drops of metallic hues are popping up everywhere. You may be wary of taking on metallic styles in your everyday life out of fear of looking similar to a futuristic cyborg. Rear not, the metallic trend hints on something that you’re right on the cusp of, a style revolution.

There are many ways to rock metallic hues without looking like the lead star of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Pops of metal are much better than entirely metallic ensembles. When thinking of Metallic styles, my mind immediately recalls the ‘90s classic Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion. Both Romy and Michele were standout characters in large part due to their daring fashion risks. To this day, slip dresses in metallic hues are associated with their bubbly characters. If you want to standout this summer, metallic pieces should definitely be your go-to trend. Mix and match fabric textures in subdued colors with your metallic pieces to complete your look.

From chrome to gold, this Fashionista is shining in various tones of metallic hues. She proves that you can wear items that are metallic without appearing costumed. This Fashionista paired a metallic lettered tank top with indigo-cuffed skinny jeans, creating a look that is fashionably futuristic, yet classic. To continue with the metallic theme, she wears leather metallics sandals, ultimately showcasing a style that is out of this world.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Don’t dress to please anyone but yourself, and you will feel unstoppable and beautiful.”