We’re always looking for the next clothing piece to add a pop of color to our warm weather wardrobe. What is your next pop of color going to be? Well, it’s all in the metals. Metallic colors are the perfect way to make your look glamorous and edgy at the same time. Are you ready to rock some shiny clothing pieces this summer?

When it comes to this trend, I think of a chic rock ‘n’ roll vibe. Metallic clothing is easy to transition from season to season and also can be worn in the day or at night. Some may be afraid to stray from their neutral colored clothing, but metallic clothing and accessories can easily slide into your everyday style. For those who want a little metal, but don’t want it to overwhelm their outfit, one should try a pair of heels with a metallic tip or a metal handbag. If you want metallic to be a larger part of your funky outfit, dress up a metallic pant or skirt with a plain button-down and neutral accessories. For the daring Fashionistas, wear metallic from head to toe in a metallic dress or matching pantsuit. Any of these fashion-forward combinations will make you sparkle in the summer sun.

So how does one incorporate the metallic trend into her own wardrobe? Check out this Fashionista’s complete look that shows one fun way to wear metal. All eyes are on her copper, pleated mini skirt. The skirt is the center of the outfit, while the white and nude pieces do not distract from it. Her floral lace, cutout top adds texture to the look, but it does not over power the metallic skirt. She keeps her jewelry simple with white hanging earrings and gold bracelets. Her nude structured bag and strappy heels leave the copper skirt as the main focus.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think metallic pieces, whether it be an accessory or a clothing piece, are the ideal way to add edge to an outfit. Metallic articles are fierce and can be worn every season and any time of the day.”