I LOVE when someone’s street style comes at the end of a week and makes up for the absence of style. This Fashionista, on her way after church, was sporting an open-back tank top, interestingly designed maxi skirt and a structured cross-body bag from Charming Charlie’s. There was a great sense of style here. The look is mainly monochromatic, and there is intention in each piece, which creates a slim and structured look as a whole. The tank top is nicely fitted, the bag is structured and the lines on the maxi skirt add to the silhouette of this look. And at the waist, the Fashionista has made the point of folding the maxi skirt, creating a sort of in-built belt. This look is a Style Guru’s “bellissimo” moment.

What makes this outfit stand out is the maxi skirt, especially the way this Fashionista has put it together. Like I’ve said above, the lines add structure. With this characteristic in the piece, it becomes dynamic: both flowy and structured. Maxi skirts, this season’s summer trend because of its romantic and slightly boho vibe, are perfect for that sunny yet breezy day because their length complements a Fashionista’s walk. Finally, the skirt’s design is a subtle attention grabber. It reels in the onlooker to pay it attention. Once the eyes see, the rest is heavenly history.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to try out different looks for yourself. There’s a variety of styles to explore! Go ahead and try a look that you have not ever done before.”