Although it is getting warm, the weather has changed a lot. Yesterday, you had to wear shorts and a tank top, but today you have to wear pants and a knit sweater. The maxi denim skirt is a great choice for this weather condition. It can protect your legs against the wind while looking chic and is also a key vintage element. This Fashionista wore a vintage denim maxi skirt perfectly.

She matched a black T-shirt to pair up with her skirt. This simple color makes her look clean and fresh. Because of the heavy wind, she wore a white shirt to cover up. However, it is not just a simple white shirt. The sleeves of the shirt are denim blue and the back is light gray. These three colors combined perfectly, and also match with her denim skirt because they are all denim material.

To match with her shirt, she chose a pair of white oxford shoes with soft leather. Her little red wine cross-body bag makes her whole look chic and vintage. She also wore a pair of sunglasses that help keep her hair in style when the wind is heavy. The watch with brown and gold is a key detail in her look as both of the colors are vintage.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not think too much when you are wearing clothes. Make sure you feel comfortable at first, and then think about some little details in the look. I do not change my style often because I know what is the best for me.”