It’s summer 2016 and it’s official—sets are the next romper. They’re almost as great as rompers especially since you don’t have to take the whole thing off to use the bathroom, ladies! I spotted this Moroccan inspired set from across The Quad at The University of Alabama and couldn’t help but photograph this Fashionista. Off to meet her sisters at her sorority house for dinner, she knew how to stand out of the crowd.

Her eye-catching vintage Havana set paired with her subtle “H” necklace and beaded wrap necklace makes for a Moroccan bohemian look that is all over this campus. The fun pattern of this set really brightens up any summer event. Her Sam Edelman wedges really dress up this easy look giving her some height and edge. The Michael Kors bag and Ray Ban aviators also added some femininity and sophistication. No matter how you rock this look, sandals or heels, day or night, it’s the best go-to fashion statement.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice for this week is love the pattern of a pair of shorts you want, then get the matching top! I can’t enforce enough how trendy it is right now to have a cohesive pattern in one look. Not only is it flattering, but it’s so easy to wear for any type of occasion! You can rock it during the day, at night, or any summer festivity. So go for it and go all out in a matching outfit— you will not regret it.”