STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Matching Your Living

When you live close to a lake during summer, you know how beautiful the sunset is. To get you into that lake mood, why not give blue and green a try this summer for your lake view outfit? Just like any other color, blue has its difference. Light or dark, greenish or purplish are all your choices. Don’t think it’s repetitive to wear blue next to water. In fact, it adds a feeling of freshness into the summer.

The Fashionista chose a blue and white small floral patterned romper for the slightly cloudy weather. The light material creates a body curve naturally. The cutout design on the shoulder adds more cuteness into the romper. Her dark blue Oxford bag carries everything she needs for a sunset view. To match the color, she chose a green necklace that the ball is made of ceramics. The special material claims her own style when choosing jewelry. Since an all blue color outfit feels too monotonous, she decides to change into another color on her nails and bracelet. The neon rose red nail polish shows her hospitality personality while the blood jade bracelet gives the outfit a more cultural touch. Her red lipstick lightens up the makeup and matches with her nails too. Matching your outfit with the environment you are living in is a new idea for outfit choice. Wear green if you are spending summer time in a farm or silver for the big city skyscrapers.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Matching your outfit with the environment you are living in is a new idea for outfit choice.”