STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Making Black Stand Out

Every season always has a specific color palette it uses to create the newest fashion trends, but black is a classic no matter what season it is or what trends are worn on the runway. From the little black dress to a chic dressy top with black jeans, wearing all-black gives a chic and sophisticated look to the Fashionista, but what makes this look different than most all-black outfits is the pop of color from the red leather purse.

Most of the time, wearing all-black is not very appealing to the eye. This Fashionista added multiple textures, accessories and a pop of color to make her outfit stand out amongst the dark, cold days of winter.

Her long, wool coat gave her a very chic look with the length of the jacket hitting right above her knee. Instead of an all-black wool coat, the adding of the white knit pattern made the jacket more attractive to the eye.

The small details on the leggings makes the all-black look more exciting and appealing. The leggings are not all leather, though has a similar structure. Regular black leggings can be boring and sometimes overused, but these leggings have zippers at the knee, which help add more detail to the outfit. The detail of the scarf also adds to the outfit. The infinity scarf has been a classic look and has been popular for many winter seasons now. The fur scarf gives the outfit more texture as well as another chic element.

Sometimes, an all-black outfit can still seem so basic and boring. The one thing this Fashionista added to change that is a simple red leather purse from Michael Kors. Red is a great color to put against black because they work well together and balance each other out. Your eyes travel right to the red purse, but it still works well against the pattern of the jacket and the all-black leggings. To get the perfect amount of color, this Fashionista recommends using a medium sized purse and colors that can contrast well with dark or lighter colors, such as red, royal blue or a pure white.

When looking for a modest, simple outfit, an all-black outfit with different textures and multiple accessories is definitely a go-to.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to wear black on black. Black is always such a classic, feminine look, but also, don’t be afraid to add things to this look to get a pop of color. It could be a small purse, a statement necklace or a colorful pair of booties.”