STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Major Layers With Blazers

There’s an art to everything: photography, cooking and even layering. Let’s talk briefly about the art of layering. Why should we layer? What’s the point? Here are two reasons: practicality and style. Layering is practical for obvious reasons; if you are wearing several layers—all of them stylish—and you get hot, you can take one off and still look sharp. The same goes for cold weather; you can simply slip the top layer back on and still look put together. Thus, smart layering allows you to look great in a wide range of weather and temperature on the go.

Layering is also stylish because it offers variety. Let’s be real, everyone is sick of looking at guys in generic collared shirts and jeans or slacks. If you add a little bit of layering to your outfit, you are already ahead of the game. With layering, you can also add color coordination to your look. With just a basic shirt and pant look, you’re limited in your color options. Throw on some jackets, scarves, gloves, vests or sweaters and you easily have a nice palette of colors in your look.

Now, let’s get back to this Fashionisto. Talk about a Kodak moment in fashion! I spotted this hip Fashionisto in Downtown Rochester on his way to dinner with friends. His outfit embodies urban style with his blazer and jean pairing. He looks cool with his shades on and a Canon around his neck, but his savvy layering of a collared shirt with a knit sweater screams sophistication. The subtle pop of light blue in his collared shirt and corresponding cable knit sweater make for a simple, classic and casual look.

He exemplifies the classic age-old trick of layering. This is the key strategy for making a cold weather outfit work. PIling on several thick layers balances wearing just one thick sweater. This Fashionisto perfectly coordinates the blues in his shirt, sweater and jeans; adding a nice light khaki colored blazer completes this casually sophisticated ensemble. My favorite aspect of look is its versatility. This dapper gentlemen can go from class to work to dinner all in one outfit without ever having to go to back to his dorm to change.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Guys, don’t be afraid of accessories like scarves and gloves; they not only look cool and stylish, but they are much needed in this cold winter weather.”