June 14th, 2016 at 2:10am

Every year in Connecticut, we go through that weird, in-between weather transition from spring to summer. We’re left never knowing what to wear because the weather is constantly changing. Long sleeves? Short sleeves? Different every day!

Right now, long sleeves are still completely okay to wear. However, with the weather here, pairing this look with flip flops both bring out a more relaxed look and a quick change. The Fashionista pictured went this route (because it can still get cold up here in Connecticut) in a dark color scheme. As we get deeper into summer, fashions and Fashionistas can go brighter in color! Available in a range of colors and patterns, this style boho off-the-shoulder top is adorbs! Because this top style is gaining popularity, what can make it stand out is the pattern is and what you pair it, as seen music-fest-style on this Fashionista.

Besides the pattern, another way to make such a popular top style really stand out is with accessories, and especially a choker. In this look, it’s all about layering so that the outfit is not too bland. This Fashionista also pairs this magnificently majestic shirt with a cute dark lipstick, bringing a bit of a grunge look mixed with boho; a look that we do not see everyday in Connecticut.

With her slouchy faux-leather backpack and perfectly round sunglasses ( which recently came back into style over the past few years, especially attracting attention at music festivals such as Coachella or The Governor’s Ball), our Fashionista is ready for a bright and sunny day while still dressing warm in case the weather acts up again.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus when wearing off-the-shoulder tops like these is dressing it up so it doesn’t look too plain. And layered chokers are great wardrobe pieces because they can go with anything and are fun to mix and match!”