STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Loving the Leather

With the winter’s cold weather and long days where the sun never seems to come out, it’s easy to fall into a funk when you’re getting dressed in the morning. By the time I am showered and wearing makeup, I don’t want to plan out a whole outfit with accessories. I constantly find myself leaning towards sweatpants and a pony tail because it’s easy and comfortable. Thankfully, I learned quickly in college that you don’t have to dress like you stayed up all night to be comfortable. I have slowly stocked my closet with T-shirts in solid, versatile colors. I throw on my favorite pair of jeans or leggings (if I don’t feel like putting on real pants), and I add a little color. I love when my pop of color comes from a scarf or purse. With neutral shoes or boots, I’m ready: comfortable and cute and ready to conquer my day.

This Fashionista took my favorite comfy-cute outfit and turned it up to the next level. Her leather jacket adds edge and style to her simple pieces. With a matching scarf and dark boots, she kept her colors neutral, but adds a pop of color with a patterned headband. The colors in the headband, while not exactly the same as the colors in her outfit, match enough to pull the outfit together. I really like the green pants, but if colored pants aren’t your thing, jeans would go just as well with this outfit.

The leather jacket also adds texture and shine, which dresses up the casual T-shirt and colored jeans. This Fashionista could go home after class and throw on a dress, tights and healed booties with her jacket and be ready for dinner downtown with her friends. She could even leave on her headband and keep her pop of color.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always wear a headband when my curls still look good, but my hair is a little dirty; sometimes that makes my outfit feel a little too casual. So I love adding my leather jacket to add some flare, plus it’s so comfy!”