STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Loving Leather Leggings

Are you searching for a new take on the cool-girl look? Looking for ways to show off your kick-butt personality? A pair of leather-detailed leggings may be the answer for you. Spotted on style stars from Gwyneth Paltrow to Chiara Ferragni to Taylor Swift, leather-detailed leggings are making a statement. The wide range of styles from entirely leather leggings to black ones featuring small leather patches, all add a tough-girl vibe appropriate for any occasion.

A similarly neutral alternative to the go-to dark wash skinny jeans are leather leggings, which offer a little more variety. Dress up any outfit with these and it can easily transition from day to night. Since they are so effortlessly chic, they are the perfect way to rock the off-duty model look. As an added bonus, leather leggings provide more warmth than traditional leggings, making them perfect for the winter months. Petition to change “sweater weather” to “leather weather,” anyone?

I spotted this Fashionista studying in the student center. At first glance, her black and white “Crème de la crème” shirt caught my eye. Then, I noticed her coordinating black coat and black leather-detailed leggings. She played up the quilted leather details with a pair of tall black leather boots. To accessorize, she mix and matched an evil eye earring with a dangling cross earring. After admiring this stroke of creative genius, I stopped to ask if I could snap a few pictures of her style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you style all black outfits right, it’ll always look like you put more effort into your look even if you didn’t. Play with different black textures like leather, fur and sheer fabric. Accessorize, or pair your pieces with graphic T-shirts for a more edgy look.”