May 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

Mixing and matching is what makes styling an outfit so fun. The combinations of colors, textures and patterns you can create are countless, making styling an outfit a truly beautiful art form. Some of the combinations I’ve seen concocted on this fashion-forward campus are ingenious and I am inspired everyday to create and combine some of my favorite pieces in ways I never have before.

The beginning of spring is all about layers. A cloudy windy day can turn warm and sunny in a flash and we Fashionistas have to be quick on our feet and incredibly innovated.
This Fashionista looked adorable in her ’60s inspired get up. A floral adorned dress is paired with a peter pan collared jean vest. Under the dress she wears a long sleeved shirt to keep warm during the chilly morning hours. A pair of gray tights are also keeping her legs safe from the breezy air. As the day heats up, she has her pick of styling options that will cool things down and change up her look.

Removing her jean vest will lighten up her look and reveal more of her floral printed dress as the spring day grows warmer and warmer. Removing her tights will also freshen up the look and keep her much cooler as she walks from class to class. And, of course, removing the long sleeved shirt when things really start to heat up will leave a light and airy spring look, keeping her cool and allowing her to move about her day with comfort and ease.