Hey Fashionistas, how’s it going? Because of the burning sun during the summer, everyone reaches out to their lighter colors and stays away from those darker colors to avoid overheating. So, one of the main materials that people have been profusely snagging up is lace. Why do you think we have been reaching for lace for centuries on end? Lace is one of the most timeless, elegant fabrics that you can choose to wear because it is so versatile and light. Buckle in Fashionistas, because this week, I am showing you have to transform and style your lace to get the most use out of it.

When it comes to lace, you can pretty much pair anything with it, which is why it is so one of a kind. I suggest starting with a basic lace piece that you want to style, whether it be a skirt, shirt or dress. I always stick to the motto, “opposites attract.” So, if you are styling a loose skater skirt, stick to a tight fitting top. However, if it is a tight, bodycon pencil skirt, I advise you to pair it with a loose fitting top.

One of the best trends out there is contrasting lace with leather, which is the direction this Fashionista chose when styling this lace dress. This beautiful white dress with a low back and ruffle detailing has an extremely feminine touch. By pairing it with edgy, masculine materials like leather and studs, you can achieve a truly eye-catching look by providing that contrast. This Fashionista did an excellent job styling her lace dress by wearing a pair of nude oxfords with silver studding and a classic, black long sleeve leather jacket. To take this look to the next level, try throwing on either a bold, matte lip, a dark eyeliner look or some silver statement jewelry. You could even try styling it by layering with a dark colored overcoat or throwing on a pair gladiator sandals. No matter how you choose to accessorize your lace pieces, make sure you do not over accessorize!

I am excited to see all you fellow Fashionistas take your lace to the top! See you next week.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With lace, I always try to pair it with edgy pieces like leather, studs or even denim. I wouldn’t ever style lace with lace, but I try to pair it with accessories that you wouldn’t normally wear it with. I like to keep it simple and elegant.”