For the past few weeks, Philly has been experiencing rather harsh chilly weather. Nothing hurts an outfit more than the fear that you will end up with frostbite, just for trying to look your best. So before you bundle up in your most boring scarf, leggings and sweater, think about layering! This trend has become one of the biggest winter fashion lifesavers and the best way to look cool, but feel warm.

This Fashionisto is wearing a hoodie with a funky graphic tee over it followed by a zip-up jacket and then, for extra warmth, a vintage varsity jacket. This outfit even gives him the opportunity to show off this great DIY distressed jeans. You can throw a pair of thermal leggings underneath them in whatever color that you want, regardless of the wash of your jeans. This will keep you extra warm!

Pull out some of your thickest socks and freshest sneakers and you’re all set to brave the cruel weather in the most fashionable way. You could wear a baseball cap or a beanie with this look. By layering, you are able to leave that big puffy coat that hides your great outfit, back at home. This Fashionisto had no problem walking to and from his classes in a biting 21 degrees. Winter doesn’t have to be the time when your style goes into hibernation, leave that to the bears.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear something that makes you do a double-take in the mirror.”