Pants—can’t live with them and definitely cannot live without them. Sometimes, pants can feel like two shackles—tight and unavoidable.

Leggings are the simple solution to this problem. I’m not just talking about your average black leggings that you wear with an oversized sweatshirt from high school. There is a whole world of leggings at your fingertips, colorful and patterned leggings alike to play up a simpler outfit.

This Fashionista is sporting a fun pair of charcoal gray leggings to play up her black outfit. These bottoms provide the comfort every college student craves when sitting through a two-hour class lecture and the style that makes them look sharp while doing so. Not to mention the fact that you can easily go from class to watching Netflix in your dorm room. Loungewear never looked so sharp!

To make the outfit look more polished, add some statement accessories. This Fashionista is rocking an oversized gold watch that pops against the gray leggings and plain black top.

Necklace layering also brings an interesting element to the look. The black choker matches the black top, while the gold necklace picks up on the color of the gold watch. The silver necklace goes perfectly with the Fashionista’s earrings.

Lastly, who can forget about shoes? A silver skull detailing on a pair of loafers is an edgier take on a classic shoe. Plus the loafers are just as comfortable as the leggings. Need I say more?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort overall.”