Leather is the trend not only for this season but the year. I love everything about leather: the texture, the luster and how long a leather product lasts. Leather is showcased frequently during the fall months rather than in the summer, but don’t let this timely trend fool or phase you. Leather does not necessarily need to be worn in cooler temperatures. It has become a major fashion statement.

Leather in itself can add a fierce and chic look to any outfit. It may be a little too early in our summer season to wear leather pants or knee-high boots, but it doesn’t mean we should ditch our awesome leather accessories! Adding a leather piece to a finished outfit or pairing your favorite leather shoes always makes a statement. Leather can also be a good choice for functionality during cool summer nights.

This Fashionista paired her leather jacket and booties with her basic high-waisted shorts and graphic T-shirt. She definitely went for a darker look here, making her outfit more edgy and less feminine. This feature of leather garments and accessories is on-trend with the darker grunge look that has recently taken over runways in 2015. An example of this look would be from Versace’s fall 2014 runway show. Leather was super trendy this past fall and the trend is continuing through the summer into the fall runway shows of Dior and Miu Miu.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Leather can be worn in any weather depending on how you wear it and the accessories you choose. Wearing leather is a definite trend, but true leather pieces such as bags, shoes and purses can also carry quality which will last you a lifetime.”