For all of you who are experiencing the extreme temperature drop, you should know that wearing more layers and more fabric is always better. Layering shirts, sweaters, cardigans and jackets is a must when going on a long walk to class. This season, I’ve been obsessed with the new trend of long cardigans. They are a great new piece to add to your wardrobe and can also be a great piece to wear under those long, below-the-knee winter coats.

This Fashoinista is wearing a striped turtleneck dress with a long sleeve long cardigan, paired with black tights and black boots. She does a great job keeping to a minimalistic black and white color scheme. She spices up her color palette by choosing a pattered, striped dress. This Fashionista does an amazing job with incorporating her long cardigan with other huge trends of the season. This mini, striped turtleneck dress is a great way to make this long cardigan more of an out on the town outfit. Additionally, her opaque, over-the-knee tights are another creative way to wear short black booties with a mini dress.

This cardigan is a great way to stay warm during the winter, but it is also incredibly versatile for different occasions. This Fashionista is a great example of how to wear it for a girl’s night out. For a more casual look, you could wear this cardigan with jeans, a white T-shirt and your favorite pair of boots. There are so many ways to wear this look, so just play around and find a great look that is both fashionable and comfortable!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love incorporating this cardigan in my fall and winter looks. It’s a great way to stay warm, but it’s also just a super fun piece to wear on a daily basis.”