Winter can be a dead zone for fashion. In a landscape populated by dark winter coats, this Fashionista’s bright purple turban and black fur vest are chic, eye-catching statement pieces.

Fashion often takes a backseat to function for those that live in areas with frigid temperatures. Even I, as a Style Guru, have not been able to evade the pitfalls of boring winter fashion. I am guilty of seeing my outfits as protective gear instead of a way to express myself. However, I am willing to bet that statement pieces have the power to save any winter wardrobe that has lost its flair.

This Fashionista’s statement pieces not only amp up her simple denim canvas, but they can become swaps for items in your own wardrobe. Her turban can easily replace a drab ski cap, as a gorgeous way to keep your head warm. She crafted hers out of a lightweight scarf purchased from JCPenney.

When asked what her favorite item of her outfit was, this Fashionista enthusiastically replied that it was her fur vest. If you are looking to mix things up and avoid wearing a basic sweater, why not pair a long sleeve shirt with a fur vest. This combo will keep you just as warm and looking infinitely more glamourous.

During these desolate winter months, it is easy to only think about keeping warm and pushing through till spring. Why not think more positively about winter? Good fashion can brighten up your day and making this season a little less dreary.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I like to start off with a basic foundation outfit and make it into something memorable by adding statement pieces. That is my approach to most of my outfits”