STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lived-in is the New Black

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lived-in is the New Black

Casually amazing—that’s how I would describe this month’s Fashionista. In addition to her charming personality, she just had that “cool outfit” vibe going on. Nicely put together, right on trend, weather-appropriate and suitable for walking around campus. What else could one ask for?

This Fashionista’s outfit got me thinking about the ideological revolution fashion has experienced over the last couple decades. Even though trends are cyclical, there are some occasional breakthroughs that have the power to create new icons out of two existing items. If you look at the full body photo and replace the jeans and shoes for a long classic skirt, we get a formal outfit that wouldn’t be a shocker if worn many years back. If we were to replace the top and blazer for a distressed crop top to match the jeans we could hardly classify the outfit as formal, let alone consider it appropriate for previous times. However, the way it all works together is actually pretty amazing and I think it speaks volumes of the new generations.

We can be serious without losing our rebellious side. We can be elegant without being stiff. We can wear torn apart clothing and still feel dressed up. Our shoes and eyebrows don’t have to be thin and dainty anymore. Our hair can be a little undone and messy and it’s all part of the new chic. We know we don’t have to look perfectly polished because we just aren’t that way on the inside. In a world where so many things are changing, lived-in is proving to be the fashion statement we had all been waiting for. So cool, so chic, so us.

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