STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Little Striped Dress

We’ve all heard the saying that every woman should have a little black dress hanging up in her closet. Well, in this case, every woman should have a little striped dress that keeps her cute and cool in this heat. No one wants to wear a black dress right now, and although nothing is wrong with wearing a maxi dress, small (unlike maxi dresses where your legs can barely breathe) and striped just screams summer.

This Fashionista has on a beige flare dress with reddish-orange stripes. It is also made out of linen, so it has a nice lightweight material. Although she is tall, her dress is the appropriate length— just above the knee and past the fingertips if she were to completely extend her arms by her side. It’s a casual, everyday dress. You can go have lunch in it, run errands in it and you can even go to class in it. The best part about this dress is the stripes. The fact that they are horizontal across the top and vertical across the skirt makes it more noticeable. The dress definitely would have been bland had it not been for the stripes. With their unique color and pattern, they give the dress a boost and make it extra cute. Who wants to wear a plain, beige linen dress when you can wear one with stripes and stand out?

Accessories worn with her little striped dress include a big, statement ring with rhinestones, a simple gold roped necklace, a pair of gold lion earrings and rose gold watch. This Fashionista clearly took her time piecing these items together with her wardrobe because the silver strapped sandals go well with the ring, while the gold watch, necklace and earrings make the reddish-orange stripes pop.

Regardless of the season, stripes are a statement pattern that look good on pretty much any garment: dresses, scarves, T-shirts or socks. If you want to go from blah to beautiful, wear stripes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When I choose an outfit, I choose it because I want to look and feel good. My dress is a good length and has stripes. Everyone knows that stripes look good on anything.”