STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Little Black Maxi Dress

When you cant decide between a little black dress and a maxi dress, why not go for both? This season, take a chic spin on summer’s favorite casual dress by wearing one in the most timeless and flattering color. It’s a piece that you can pair with anything all summer long. From cozy cardigans to statement necklaces, you can rock a black maxi dress tons of different ways all summer long!

This Fashionista wears a beautiful form-fitting maxi that just skims her ankles, allowing her so show off her adorable sandals. The dress stands out because it is so elegant and simple, letting the beauty of the wearer shine through. I’ve learned that the best thing any young Fashionista/o can do for themselves in college is taking the time to invest in classic staples for their wardrobe. A little black maxi dress will be a timeless piece to add to your closet, as well as a comfortable one!

Wanting to add some flare to your little black maxi dress? Try a nice statement necklace like this Fashionista has. It can really elevate your look from day to night. You can even add a denim or a leather jacket when temperatures drop at night. My personal favorite thing to add to little black maxi dress? A scarf, haphazardly draped over my shoulders.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When picking your maxi dress, or any dress for that matter, you should always make sure its comfortable! Nothing is worse than a dress you can’t move in or one that’s an itchy material.”