Modern fashion is all about taking risks and trying new things. This doesn’t have to mean you wear head to toe bold floral print or deck yourself out in fringe. These risks can be subtle and give a basic ensemble just the right amount of flair. The key to pulling off any trend is confidence. This week’s Fashionisto encourages his peers to not be afraid to turn some heads with a few statement pieces.

The base of this look is clean and effortless. The saturated blue chinos and gray and burgundy striped henley are a fresh take on the jeans and T-shirt uniform. But this simple ensemble was taken to the next level with unique leather accessories. The black leather pockets and trim detailing of the tweed jacket spice up the traditional hoodie silhouette.

This Fashionisto’s boots were what really caught my eye. The nod to steampunk culture (nothing says punk like straps, buckles and unique silhouettes) juxtaposed with the classic quilted brown leather made for a bold statement. He has taken the combat boot trend and blended it into his personal style seamlessly.

Don’t hesitate to incorporate daring trends into your arsenal this spring. As long as you rock your look, no one will question it. Keep the rest of your look relatively simple to allow your trend of choice to shine through.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear it like you made it, not like you bought it. Don’t be afraid to take risks or turn heads.”