STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Life's Simple Pleasures

Are you ever in a situation that would’ve been solved easily if you didn’t overthink it? It happens all the time, especially as a girl! Your boyfriend doesn’t text you back within five minutes, so you assume he hates you now. Or you’re taking a test and you chose B for the last four questions so you can’t choose it for the fifth question. It happens to me a lot when I’m trying to get dressed. I stand in front of my closet throwing things on the floor just to find something to wear. Then I change into something else. The second outfit isn’t quite right so I start searching through stuff to create a third, fourth and fifth outfit until I end up in something simple. That’s just overthinking things a bit too hard, but we all do it.

This Fashionista doesn’t look like she struggled with her outfit. It looks thoughtful yet not overthought. She’s wearing a gray knit sweater she got from Lululemon with a white tunic. She paired these two with distressed jeans and nude studded flats. I love the colors she used because you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you ever struggle with finding clothes you can always just go back to white, black and gray things because they never do you wrong. To get this look check out this sweater from Target. It’s a great price for the style. This white tunic from J.Crew is a little different from what this Fashionista is wearing, but nonetheless it works. These nude flats from Kohl’s are amazing. I wouldn’t mind owning a pair myself. The jeans are an easy find, this one from Gap is perfect. With this outfit, the accessory possibilities are endless. She chose to stick with mostly silver. But you can use it as a way to add color or personality.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just pick one piece that you really love and keep the rest basic so it doesn’t get too complicated.”