STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let's Bring the '50s Back

It is a well known fact that every devout Fashionista/o is faced with the constant struggle of trying to be on trend while still being physically comfortable in what they are wearing. From the astronomically high heel trend to latex dresses, the war that is waged between comfort and trendiness can take a toll on any Fashionista/o’s psyche. However, the question remains: how does one manage to look put together whilst still maintaining the aura of a Fashionista/o?

The balance is a hard one to strike, but it was made much easier at the beginning of this summer when it seemed to be that retro casual was suddenly in. Out go the micro-mini shorts that seem to be constantly riding up in places where they shouldn’t, and in come faded backwards hats and hand-me-down button-downs. This casual look reminded me of the casual teen looks of the late ’50s in the United States when Chuck Taylors ruled and button-downs were a staple. This Fashionisto is perfectly capturing this ’50s retro trend with his slightly faded vintage button-down and a clearly loved pair of PF Flyers. The ‘I just threw this on’ vibe that this Fashionisto is exuding is extremely well done and I was left wishing I could wear a simple pair of rolled up khakis like his and look that good.

This trend is perfect for those long summer days when you have to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. Donning a cool vintage baseball cap and un-buttoned button-down will help you channel all the wonderful carefree summer vibes. Achieving this look is simple as can be, simply search in the back of your closet, or one of your parents’, for long lost pieces that may have lots of miles on them already but could use some more love.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try to use old clothes in your outfits because they can be more interesting than newer or safer clothes.”