STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let Your Style Spring Ahead

On a fittingly dark, dreary, snow-covered Monday morning, lifeless bodies fill the classroom covered in sweats and cozy layers galore. Many wear the run-of-the-mill puffy parkas and snow boots necessary just to brave the long haul across campus—keeping feeling in all fingers and toes at the top of everyone’s concerns. Suddenly, in pops a daring Fashionista daunting a bright, floral blazer stealing the spotlight from today’s lecture and leaving me craving some serious style advice of the week.

With dreams of spring on our minds but the harsh, bitter reality of winter in our midst, the struggle becomes real for us to make it through these final weeks without resorting to complete hibernation. This Fashionista, however, sees winter as a prime time to show off statement pieces, much like this floral blazer, in a simple yet brilliant way. While it may seem like she put in a ton of effort to pulling off this put together look, the outfit itself is quite easy and simple.

Bold patterned jackets call the spotlight to their attention no matter what is underneath. If you are anything like this Fashionista (and myself), you know that you can never go wrong wearing all-black. But, adding a little razzle dazzle to the ensemble never killed anyone, right? Pulling off a simple look that stands out miles away is so easy and can be drawn from this look.

This particular outfit features the one boot everyone has nowadays—besides snow boots that is—black Chelsea boots. These are a great option for keeping your look fresh and minimalistic. Another aspect to the look worth noting is the teal nail polish. This Fashionista ties her whole look together from the flowers in her blazer right down to her finger tips. Small details like these are what set apart the style amateur from the haute couture.

As we all know, winter cannot last forever. Dress not for the season you are trying to make it through but rather the season you look forward to. While yes, florals are most notably attached to spring, don’t be afraid to jump the gun and spring ahead to brighter and better things. To beat the winter blahs, spice up your outfit with one bold, patterned piece to guarantee you will steal the show and help keep everyone’s mind off the snow.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think a floral blazer in the dead of winter is sort of a wishful thinking, but I’m ready for spring, and I’m trying to bring it out as much as I can in my wardrobe with different pieces. Plus, it gives my usual all-black ensemble a little mix up.”