June 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

During the summer, Fashionistas are usually seen wearing bright colors, floral patterns and cute rompers. However, this unique Fashionista incorporated more than one popular trend this season into her look!

Two of her style obsessions this season are the off-the-shoulder-top and the two-piece matching sets. Personally, I have seen the growing popularity of these trends this summer and I absolutely love seeing how different people pull it off with a unique twist. The off-the-shoulder top really flatters ones neckline and gives their outfit a fun, flirty edge. These tops are perfect to wear with high-waisted jeans or a cute denim skirt. Additionally, the two-piece matching set is an easy outfit to put on and wear to almost any destination. The outfit pictured could be worn to a concert during the day, a quick bite in the afternoon and can even be dressed up with cute wedges for a night-time occasion. What I personally love about the two-piece matching sets is that from far away it looks like a normal romper. However, it could also be transformed into a whole new outfit if the Fashionista decides to just wear the off-the-shoulder top of the set with different bottoms or vice versa. Thus, these sets are great because they are so versatile and flexible for any outfit.

An additional popular accessory this Fashionista features in her outfit is the floppy hat. Floppy hats have become a huge craze recently because it can make your whole look come together. Also, it can be worn anywhere like to the beach, a concert or a brunch- the places are endless. It’s also a cute and trendy way to top off your look while getting some shade during the grueling heat of the summer. To top off the outfit, the Fashionista wore trendy studded sandals with a little wedge. These shoes are perfect for the summer because they are easy to walk in and add a fun edge to the outfit. Last, add some cute Ray-Ban sunglasses and this look is ready to go out for any occasion this season!

I love this Fashionista’s look because it incorporates some major trends that have been recently popularized. I can’t wait to share more summer-inspired looks I come across this season with all of you!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “By finishing your look with a cute hat and sunglasses you know you are protecting yourself from the sun but you still look fashionable, cool and comfortable.”