Often times we wake up in the morning and pick something out to wear that just does not look good when we end up putting it on. Another dilemma that occurs just as much is that we sometimes just can’t think of anything we want to wear. It makes sense that we all have our own styles and looks to maintain, but sometimes the best answer for what to wear is as plain and simple as a white T-shirt, some casual trousers and a well-worn pair of sneakers.

This look gives off a minimalist vibe that conveys a modest attitude. The Fashionisto is not donning anything flashy, yet he still looks well-groomed and aesthetically appealing. This outfit is also very versatile in the summer because it fits the atmosphere of social gatherings, summer classes and many other casual events that are abundant during this season.

What I find really pleasing about this look is that it is almost effortless to put together, and the return on how it looks when being worn is fantastic. It is also very affordable to purchase these items, and they can be recycled as pieces for other more complex outfits.

This Fashionisto clothes himself in the essentials of a white T-shirt, bronze colored slacks, matching white Vans and a Movado timepiece. Upon closer inspection, he adds aspects to his outfit that give it a flare unique to him. The white T-shirt is heathered to add some texture and be something more than the basic T-shirt. His vans are no longer white, but this is not a negative as he chose to make them one of a kind by getting them dirty, giving them some character. Lastly, his watch emphasizes and brings together the minimalist look with a blank face and a dot at the 12.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sometimes it doesn’t have to always be about frills and collars. A Fashionisto or Fashionista in a blank T-shirt and some slim pants can look just as stylish with casual sneakers and proper accessories.”