We are all guilty of adding a little more to an outfit in hopes of spicing up our look. The wrists stacked with bracelets, the statement necklace, the funky footwear or the humongous hat are just a few example pieces Fashionistas reach for when seeking that extra flare. At times, these additives do the trick and take the ensemble to the next level. Sometimes, they do the complete opposite and make an outfit look gaudy and overdone.

This Fashionista flaunts a very limited accessory ensemble and shows us not to be afraid to keep it simple. It combines a classy and effortless feel to create this easy, yet beautiful look. The plain colored chiffon blouse and distressed denim jeans give room to dress up the outfit, but the basics chosen by this style seeker make all the difference.

Gold flats have become an easy go-to for many, but these lace-ups add a nice feature to your look. Whether ankle or knee-high, these strappy sandals are sure to catch the attention of Fashionistas everywhere.

Basic jewelry is timeless. The solid gold necklace is a classic piece that never disappoints. The unembellished, gold bangles are extremely elegant and do not take the focus off of the ever simple shirt and jeans. Regardless of the color, a set of bangles is sure to impress.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress for comfort on more casual days but add some basic and cute accessories to avoid that plain Jane look.”