For many people a new year means heading back to the gym. While some of us are preparing for that spring break trip or fulfilling resolutions, the gym has been crowded as ever. While most girls are jogging in their nike shorts and sorority tank tops, this Fashionista is sweating in style.

Why not do reps while also representing your favorite workout brands? This Fashionista has all of the right clothing that will be comfortable for a jog, while also looking cute. This lululemon crossed back tank top achieves both lightness of a dry-fit top with the support that is necessary for workout gear. The black and white lululemon headband adds a nicely patterned detial to the outfit.

The piece that is most pivotal to this Fashionista’s outfit is her Tash Fit, light blue leggings. The swirl pattern and color show off a new trend in athletic wear, which is workout leggings in all patterns and colors. Whether these leggings are used for running at the gym or running to class, patterned leggings can be used for every day wear. To finish off the look this Fashionista’s added her black Nike sneakers and her gold initialed plate necklace.

In order to fulfill these New Year’s resolutions, you have to look great while trying.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I dress for all different occasions, but gym attire has to be my favorite. My leggings help me add a pop of color to my outfit, and are the flare that I need to any darker colored outfit.”