Spring is just around the corner, and it’s already starting to feel warmer. With warm weather comes a change in everyone’s wardrobes. Spring is the time for lighter jackets and leather fits this category like a glove. Leather jackets have been around since the ‘20s and were most popular with motorcyclists. They were always associated with rocker chicks and tough guys. These days leather jackets give off a more feminine and powerful feel.

A leather jacket is the perfect layer to throw on in the spring time. Some might say that spring is the time for bright colors but you can never wear too much black in my eyes. It’s stylish and can go with so many different looks.

This Fashionista went for the grunge, rock look today with her outfit. If you’re feeling a little, rebellious the best way to show this off is with a leather jacket! She didn’t go too far with the rock ‘n’ roll look but gave just enough to let people know her style of the day. A simple white T-shirt under the jacket is the perfect combination because it doesn’t overpower the jacket. Her ripped jeans add to the grunge feel of the outfit. I feel that a pair of ripped jeans are a necessary staple that everyone should have. Finally, adding to the leather theme, her quilted leather slip ons make the outfit look casual and comfy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m so excited for the spring! I love being able to throw on a light jacket and feel comfortable. I especially love rocking my leather jacket in the spring time.”