From James Dean’s black fitted biker jacket to Michael Jackson’s red zippered standout in the Thriller video, we can all agree that leather jackets are timeless and an item worth making room for in our closet.

In a fast paced fashion world, leather jackets have stuck around for the long haul, in both style and physical performance. It’s an essential piece in anyone’s wardrobe because it has a strong style statement. There isn’t just one type of leather jacket; there are a bunch of options, like bomber jackets and motorcycle jackets. Both of these create a very distinct image from the other. There is no “best” jacket, either. It all comes down to a matter of personal taste and what look you’re aiming for. Bomber jackets tend to zip straight up the front, and have roomy flap or side pockets; they are considered to be on the casual end of leather jacket options. A motorcycle jacket, on the other hand, is the classic American take on the leather jacket; this is the jacket you picture a bad boy wearing while riding a Harley.

This Fashionisto is sporting a black leather motorcycle jacket, while keeping it simple underneath with a basic graphic T-shirt and fitted jeans, letting the jacket shine as the standout piece. He finalizes the look by rolling up the jeans and adding black combat boots. This look is perfect for those busy, move-making weekends.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Simplicity; less is always more!”