Even though it is the first week of spring semester, the negative temperature is still attacking here in Indiana. Everyone is wearing big, thick coats around campus. It is hard to keep warmness and style at the same time. However, I spotted our Fashionista’s perfect look with both warmth and style.

When winter comes, we usually put away anti-season clothing. Sweaters would be the first choice to wear under our coats. Sometimes it would be too hot to wear sweater in the classroom. Hence, our Fashionista gives a perfect look underneath her coat. She wore a gray T-shirt and leather jacket under her long coat and paired them with shiny boots. A leather jacket is no longer an autumn item and it is still good to wear in winter. Leather is a good textile to protect us from the wind. Compared with a sweater, it would be more comfortable to wear a leather jacket in the classroom. Our Fashionista created good layers by choosing a gray loose T-shirt under her black leather jacket and with skinny black jeans.

She also mixed colors well by using black, gray and gold. All of her accessories were in black and gold which is a classic color match. She wore a gold watch and black nail polish on her hands, and paired them with a black mini bag. Our Fashionista had a perfect layered outfit to defeat the cold, and she wore extraordinary accessories to show her style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Leather jackets are not only an autumn clothing piece; they can give you warmth and style in the winter.”