When I was little, I loved Grease. From the drama filled scenes to the musical numbers, I was hooked. But now as I watch the movie, I love something even more than the catchy melodies: leather. I’ve always considered myself a little more on the sweet Sandy side of outfit choices, but recently, I’ve learned you can include both grunge, hippie, preppy and cool into your look! Leather itself has evolved from a purely edgy look to fitted feminine dresses, riding boots and much, much more. So are you ready to jump on the leather bandwagon with me yet? If you’re still a little shy, check out this Fashionista for inspiration. You’ll be singing “You’re The One That I Want” to leather in no time.

So why has leather stood the test of time? By looking at this Fashionista, you can see why. I spotted her on the way to a casual date night. While her fringed sweater and skinny jeans are muted winter hues, the look instantly stood out from the crowd because of its subtle leather details.

By keeping the larger pieces of her outfit to darker hues, she is able to top off the look with interesting accents that are sure to make leather lovers out of you and me. Her leather combat boots are perfect for combating these frosty winter months. On top of that, the lighter brown color of the boots cuts the darker colors of her outfit.

The outfit is completed with a Lundy Lu necklace. Handmade in Brandon, Mississippi, this layered leather necklace completed with freshwater pearls is sure to add fun to any outfit. While this Fashionista rocks a casual look, a Lundy Lu necklace can be found for any occasion. Ranging from casual layered pieces to delicate single pearl drop necklaces, you’re sure to find one to fit your individual style.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista to add a little leather detail to your outfit today!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to change your style.  As Sandy showed us in Grease, you might look best in something you’ve never tried before!”