Depending on where you are across the globe this winter, different techniques are being used to stay warm. If you’re in Michigan, you most likely have on multiple wool sweaters, a down coat and as many pairs of socks and gloves that you could find (if you’re even leaving the house). Whereas in Bali, you’re probably trying not to sweat in your bikini. Here in Florida, we can manage with some light layering. This Fashionista is staying warm all the while rocking multiple trends. From her playful layering and bold eyeliner to her casual sneakers, we can tell this Fashionista has rad style!

Sweaters are one of those timeless pieces of clothing that will never go out of style, similar to a classic trench coat or even a Taylor Swift song. This Fashionista has managed to incorporate multiple classic trends into her look. A simple sweater is always a good idea. Adding a denim jacket gives this look more texture while pairing a different colored tank top allows for some contrast. When layering, it is best to keep it simple. I always like to keep my bases neutral. This gives me more room to dress it up with fun accessories like a cute hat, bold lip or chunky scarf. This Fashionista has a similar idea with her printed scarf. Layering is a seasonal trend that is currently at its peak. While it has been and will be around for years to come, this is a look that we do not get tired of due to the many ways it can be executed.

This Fashionista dresses down her look with Michael Kors sneakers. Sneakers are a way to make your look more playful and casual. Let’s not forget that they’re comfy and can allow for an impromptu game of frisbee on the quad. I’ve always been one to appreciate the little details, so her bold eyeliner immediately caught my eye. While I don’t think I could ever rock it, I love spotting gals who have flawlessly mastered this look. To top everything off, she adds a burgundy velvet and faux alligator skin side bag. This Fashionista has successfully shown us how to layer.

Layering is a great thing in the fashion world. Not only can you deceive others into thinking that you’ve spent hours on a look, but you can also wear some of your favorite pieces at the same time—otherwise known as instant happiness! When layering, leave some extra time for the details. You can test out that cute braid you’ve been eyeing or even throw on some mismatched jewelry and spare a little time to perfect your cat eye.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear whatever makes you happy! I like to feel comfortable so that I can have fun and enjoy being with my friends.”