The winter months of college consist of trying to find a happy medium between piling on so many layers that one looks like an abominable snowman and trying to stay fashionable, meaning you are freezing your butt off. Let’s face it; no truly fashionable garment is warm. After all, beauty is pain, and leather jackets are not warm. The only way to survive is to layer up!

When wearing this trend myself, all I can think is knit. Knit is something you can pile on and comes in so many different styles and materials that will keep you warm yet give you a stylish finish. For me, I throw a sweater over everything because there are so many options. Crossover sweaters are the best when the intent is to show off an undergarment or even pairing it with some fab jewelry. A plus to this sweater is that even when paired with a scarf, the design of the sweater is still emphasized. The layered look is always the best option when traveling in to class in the cold.

So how does one layer up correctly? You can check out my Fashionista’s look to get an idea of what you should be piling on. A simple T-shirt dress really accents her sweater along with giving the layered look. Many shirts and dresses are currently being designed with the layered look already built in. However, with this look, we are pairing the style with warmth, which means you are able to create the same visual effect yourself. She pairs these tops with a solid pair of jeans and some booties to help simplify and complete the look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “To all of the Fashionistas/os trying to look cute in those winter months, keep in mind that layering up will help keep you warm, comfortable and stylish in the best of ways.”