If you are from Georgia, you are well aware that the weather has mood swings. One morning, it might be a nice summer day while the next (or even that same day) might have a humid, rainy evening. Have no fear though because, as Fashoinistas, we are always prepared.

When I pick out an outfit for the day, I try to keep in mind that something as simple as a cardigan or light jacket could save me from a cold classroom or work environment. Though we are in the warmer parts of the season, there are many options to keep you cool in the heat and bundled up indoors.

How do you do it? This Fashionista’s look was already complete. Her cuffed capri pants, black sleeveless top and gold statement necklace created a simple outfit for the classroom. An easy addition to her look is the light cardigan she chose to go with her outfit. This cardigan doesn’t take away from her original look at all and perfectly adds a layer needed to keep her cool anywhere.

You can do it too! Any time you find yourself wearing a sleeveless top, dress or romper, add a light layer to it just in case. Try a sheer, patterned kimono or a simple cardigan with your look and keep it with you throughout the day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always be prepared! Holding on to something as simple as a light jacket or your favorite cardigan can save you from a cold place indoors and out.”