I know-it can be incredibly dreadful waking up to two feet of snow in morning. And let’s be honest, with the temperature in the negatives, those adorable winter outfits you’ve seen in your favorite shop’s lookbook seems unobtainable. One thing to keep in mind next time you’re dressing for the winter weather, is that there are other ways to stay warm aside from bulky coats, itchy scarves and traditional cotton hats.

When it comes to dressing in the winter, proper layering is key. A cardigan over your favorite T-shirt is just not going to cut it in temperatures that are below freezing. Start layering with a long sleeve T-shirt, a pair of leggings and a pair of thick socks to begin the process. Once you have a warm base, you can start to layer on your favorite pieces. In the winter time, contrast light tops with dark bottoms and vice versa to add some life to any outfit. This white cable knit sweater paired with these black trousers complement one another well as a second layer.

The third and most important layer is outerwear. Throw on your favorite faux fur vest for added warmth and style like this Fashionista did. To stand out in the crowd, this Fashionista traded in her usual soft shell coat for this tan wool peacoat. For an even bolder look, this Fashionista topped her outfit off with this gorgeous neutral floppy hat. I believe layering will always be trendy because pieces you layer with are your wardrobe basics. The key to layering in style is to have fun with your pieces and experiment to find what colors and textures you like best together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layer! It’s the only way to stay warm and stylish in this brutal weather.”