It’s 15 degrees outside and the walk to class is long, so what’s the best way to stay bundled up when the weather outside gets chilly? Instead of being suffocated in the puffy marshmallow jacket your mom made you buy when she found out it snows 5 months out of the year where you go to college; layer it up! Layers keep you warm and comfortable while staying fashionable.

This Fashionista shows us how she likes to layer it up with a comfy, blue over-sized sweater, a black mid-thigh jacket and a chunky scarf. She pairs that with some leggings, gray ankle socks and Dr. Martens boots all matching the general color scheme of the outfit which pulls the outfit together nicely. I really like the colors she sports in this outfit; gray, black, and blue are classic colors that are always trendy and look fabulous on everyone!

The mid-thigh outerwear jacket has been a major hit this season and is a refreshing style to see in outerwear. In the past a shorter jacket style was preferred however, lately hemlines everywhere from jackets to dresses have been steadily dropping. This jacket is the perfect thickness especially for when you’re walking around outside and don’t want to overheat. I especially, get extremely overheated wearing heavy layers when I walk to class so having a light, warm jacket is ideal for the winter.

Over-sized sweaters are perfect layering pieces in the wintertime because they’re comfortable, warm, and there are so many different varieties of styles that they’re perfect for any occasion. For example, instead of wearing it with a winter coat try pairing your chunky sweater with a utility jacket, statement necklace, leggings and booties for an easy lunch date outfit. Add a little red lipstick to that and take the outfit from day to night!

When layering it’s always important to keep a third piece in mind; thick knit scarves are perfect options. They are also excellent ways to add some color to your ensemble and give it a little added pop! Or if you want to keep it light; ease into spring by incorporating pastel colors into your wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Instead of throwing on yoga pants and a sweatshirt when you head to class, try getting a few sweaters and jackets that you can mix-and-match; it’s takes the same amount of effort but looks way better!”