It can be hard to dress when the weather is transitioning from cold winter days to warmer spring ones. It’s not quite warm enough to break out those tank tops, skirts, bright colors and floral prints, but some of the thick sweaters you depended on all winter long are now too warm. How does a Fashionista manage to make the perfect outfit for these types of days?

I spotted a Fashionista who perfected an outfit for the end of winter. She utilized dressing in layers and wore a simple gray skater skirt. To keep her legs warm, she wore fun printed tights and knee-high socks. On top, she wore a brighter colored shirt paired with a cardigan that complemented her other pieces. Overall, she managed to create an ensemble full of layers that is perfect for the transitional season weather.

Not only did this Fashionista style a fun, layered outfit, but she took it to the next level by adding some awesome accessories. A big tote is the perfect campus accessory. It’s practical and fashionable. Her killer pair of boots was my personal favorite part of this outfit. They instantly completed the look. She also layered on stylish bracelets and rings. A bright colored lipstick matched her shirt and finished off the entire look.

With winter hopefully coming to an end, our wardrobes can feature less heavy sweaters. That does not mean it is quite time for bare legs and tanks tops. Dressing in layers will be essential during this time. This Fashionista styled the perfect outfit full of layers, and now it’s your turn.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always wear thigh-high socks so I can still wear a dress and I always dress in layers. Sometimes, I’ll pick an accessory and base my outfit around it. One of my biggest things in winter is bright lipstick.”