What I love most about Milanese fashion is that no two looks are the same. Some are insanely structured and monochromatic, while other outfits have their own unique touches of style. With my constant awareness for the next and best Fashionista/o, I find myself inspired by the trendiness and creativity that surrounds me. This latest Fashionista has shown me the beauty of staying casual for class, warm for winter and trendy for the times by way of layering and color.

I found this Fashionista on her way home from class on one of Milan’s recent sunny days. She welcomed the rare sunlight with a pair of simple Ray-Ban Wayfarers that started off the look. What ultimately caught my eye was this Fashionista’s gorgeous paisley scarf that stood out in her otherwise neutral look. The scarf keeps her bundled, yet trendy by bringing some color into the ensemble.

This Fashionista’s textured gray dress nicely complemented the neutral tones within her red scarf, but was even more contrasted by her open chambray shirt. One of the best items for layering, the chambray shirt adds an alternative color, texture and some necessary warmth. With the simple addition of a chambray shirt over a dress, the look is more casual and weather-appropriate, not to mention the major style it brings to the outfit.

One of my favorite parts of this Fashionista’s look was her incorporation of socks over tights. It brought in an entirely new element of layering and made the look even more on-trend. Her gray socks slightly peeped out of her high-top Converse and sharply contrasted the sheer black tights. This trend is perfect for wearing dresses or skirts in the winter, especially on cold nights out!

The drastic change in color and texture helps complete the look with the overall theme of layering. This Fashionista worked with layering her scarf, chambray and socks, all to create a colorfully-diverse, hip and unique look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort is key! It’s impossible to wear heels around Italy with all of the cobble stone, so I stick with my Dr. Martens and Converse always!”