The one piece in my wardrobe that I absolutely could not live without is my black leather jacket. It is most certainly my go-to when I am dressing down but don’t want to look so sluggish, or just need that extra layer to safeguard my skin from the breeze. The staple of all staples, the leather jacket is always on trend. No matter what season and no matter what time of day, I’m usually confident it will go with whatever ‘fit I already have on. Used to dress down an outfit, take the edge off or add contrast to your style, it can be worn for basically any occasion. Throwing one over a casual summer or spring outfit makes a woman look trendy, cool and confident.

Let’s take this Fashionista, for example, who was spotted on the streets of Soho, London. Her outfit is a perfect example of the “warm-weather leather jacket look” that I love. This stylish Brit has thrown on a pair of spring slouchy pants, white leather sandals and a floral tank top. But, let’s be honest, when can you ever just wear a tank top in London without getting the chills? This leather addition creates a more edgy look, whilst still looking summer ready.

All you need is one black leather jacket and all your fashion problems will be solved. Conclusion: Invest in a quality black leather jacket that flatters your figure. You won’t regret it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not fear this motorcycle-esque piece, as it can turn your outfit from a seven to a 10.”