When I think of plaid, I associate the pattern with the Wild West, lumberjacks and Scotland. Although stereotypical the association of plaid with Scotland is correct as in the 1500s a cloth called tartan originated and described the pattern that would soon be known more commonly as plaid. Today plaid is all the rage and a must have item for your wardrobe, especially for you boys out there.

This particular Fashionisto totally nailed this look all the way down to his accessories. When I first saw him I got a slightly hipster vibe from his outfit, but as I looked closer I saw a more cohesive look enhanced with a great choice of accessories and knew he was the perfect choice for my first article featuring a male.

I immediately was drawn to his shirt and pant combination as his gray pants brought out the matching skinny stripes in his shirt, which really made them jump off the seams of his shirt. His pants were cuffed, which added structure to the outfit. His shoes are the ever-popular Vans making the look more casual and relaxed. I love the color of them too because they complement the softer blues in his shirt which added subtle sophistication to the look.

Another level of style is added to the look with his choice of accessories. Every guy needs his own signature watch and I’m in love with this Audemars watch. This is not your ordinary gold watch because of the leather strap, which goes nicely with his other bracelets adding to the casual yet sophisticated elements of the outfit. The skull bracelet however makes the outfit a little edgier and relaxed contrasting with the classier and structured elements of the outfit such as, the subtle matching of the blues and the cuffed pants forming a perfect outfit that is both casual yet stylish.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A strong wrist game can take any outfit from okay to cutting edge.”