Hey there, Fashionistas/os! The past few days in New York City have been chilly and full of rain showers, but the sun is making its way back to shine. With the summer sun, I think it’s safe to say we all want to slip away from anything suffocating. When I think of summer, I think of lace. I think of its softness and delicateness, allowing my body to breathe. Lace is incorporated in outfits all year round, but for summer, lace tops and lace dresses seem to always flow beautifully with the wind.

This Fashionista was spotted with a lace top, shorts embroidered with crochet lace and a pair of lace-up sandals. That may seem like a lot of lace, but the different lace styles added different traits to her feminine look. What makes this outfit work so well is that the lace detailing in her shirt and shorts are subtle but still make a huge contribution to the femininity of this outfit. Don’t be scared to experiment and incorporate different types of lace together. Just be sure they don’t clash!

Lace is a timeless piece, a timeless pattern and a timeless detail. With many different lace patterns, a lace dress can either be the perfect outfit for a night out or it can be comfortable for an everyday look. For a night out, this dress will definitely be an eye-catching piece, if paired with the right amount of sexy while still looking classy. This dress, also lace but with a different design, can work as a day-to-day outfit, adding a feminine touch. As for shoes, I have been obsessing over lace-up flats and sandals, which have been all over Instagram. The lace-up detailing works as an accessory and adds personality to the lower half of the look. You have to accessorize from the head down to the toes!

The business people in our world may suit up, but we, as Fashionistas, should lace up!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Lace is such a fun thing to play with because it adds a delicate touch to any outfit, making it instantly feminine and chic.”