Lace is a trend that will never go out of style. This Fashionista created a classy, cute, casual outfit with the slight line of feminine lace along the bottom of her cardigan. The lace style makes any simple sweater look more unique. The solid color of the sweater, along with the neutrality of the Fashionista’s maroon tank top, makes the lace pop. It can be difficult to make a simple look standout at times, but this laced up cardigan has the ability to many any outfit trendy. Lace is a such a classy looking fabric that it makes any clothing item look more dressy.

Lace is a style that has been around for generations. It’s a fabric that is used to give a sense of eloquence to any girl’s sense of style. On sweaters, scarves, jeans and more, lace has the ability to give an edge to every Fashionista’s personal flare. The boots that this Fashionista has chosen, makes the lace even more noticeable because of the shoes’ neutral tan coloring. This particular Fashionista’s lacey accessorizing stands out because of her ability to match the lace well with solid colors. Lace a great trend when it comes to dressing up a casual sweater, jeans and pair of boots.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? This Fashionista explains how she created her look, “I’ve always liked dark, rich colors like purple, but the cream sweater with lace trim really softens the look so it works in any situation. I can wear it to class or when I’m working in the theatre.”