With it officially being summer now, It’s time to put away those dark, tight pieces and break out stuff that’s light and airy. I’ve noticed a lot on my campus and other places that during the summer, it seems like everyone is suddenly transported back to the 1970s. Bohemian styles seem to overrun many a college student’s style during these hot summer months.

It was awesome to see this Fashionista give peace a chance with her outfit. Her pairing of a beige, crochet tank top and ripped, cuffed jeans could almost teleport you back to Woodstock. They work so perfectly together, with the balance of soft and rugged materials. The crochet top was lined at the bottom with fringe which added even more to the hippie, bohemian vibe that this outfit was expressing. She layered the tank with a white camisole which added depth without distraction.

This Fashionista paired these pieces with some faded red Converse that invoked a feel of being at a music festival and dancing around freely. She added some delicate metal jewelry which was the perfect choice for this outfit. While she was wearing many necklaces, bracelets and rings, they were all small and simple to the point that it wasn’t overwhelming.

If someone was going to ask me to pick out a versatile summer outfit, I would choose something like this outfit. The crochet top and jewelry give it a girly feminine vibe while the jeans and sneakers allow for comfort. This winning combination allows for anyone to do a variety of summer activities and look great while doing it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In the summer, I’m all about being active, which ripped jeans and Converse help me do. Dress for what you love!”