The classic bohemian look has been subtly making its way front in center, from Marchesa runway shows to the streets of New York City. As we survey and puruse fashion magazines or simply witness it on the streets, it is easy to see how styles and patterns from the past are reborn into a modern day twist Fashionistas like to embody today.

This Fashionista is channeling her inner Woodstock hippie in this long, bohemian style, embroidered gown. The dress is full of character and elegance, exposing the delicate structure of the fit. This vintage number is anything but a simple frock, and instead draws the eyes to the intricate embroidery at the top of the dress and along the sides of her arms, coinciding with some sheer fabric to reveal the slight peek of her skin.

In addition, she has decided to pair the dress with a pair of rugged and distressed boots that add an eccentric flare to the dress. Some would instinctively go for the platform sandals or fringe booties, but there is something about frayed, high leather boots, which adds that edge you might be aiming for in your outfit. To top it all off, this Fashionista has decided to pull the whole outfit together with a vintage style hat as an ode to the picturesque ’70s style of dress that this Fashionista envisions perfectly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With a long gown, you can channel your inner goddess and allow your body to sway and move with comfort and ease. But to move from casual to cool, a pair of distressed boots and a chic hat can take the outfit from plain to timeless.”