STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Knee Deep in Fashion

This fall and winter season, Fashionistas everywhere have been zipping into sexy and stylish over-the-knee boots. They may seem like a bold choice and they can be a tough piece in the styling department. However, if pulled off the right way, they can be just the statement piece you need to take your fall or winter wardrobe to the next level.

Over-the-knee boots have been seen out on the town recently, taking the streets with cozy sweater dresses or sleek pleather leggings. You can instantly transform a boring “jeans and a plain white T-shirt” outfit into a trendier and sexier ensemble by incorporating a good pair of over-the-knee boots. They are functional, yet über stylish, and finding the perfect pair for your body type can make your winter wardrobe all the more exciting. But in order to appropriately style over-the-knee boots for the daytime, it’s important to excel in the proportions department, which in itself can be a tall order to fill.

This Fashionista masters the proportions needed to make over-the-knee boots work during the daytime. Since these boots can be considered more risqué or on the sexier side, it’s important to wear the right pieces in order to make the look more casual. The silhouette of her suede black shift dress is modest enough to complement the sexier feel of the boots, yet the lace-up detail of the dress is just enough to make the look more interesting overall. Any jacket would suffice with this look, but this army print one really helps to tie the outfit together and make it more appropriate for daytime.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Over-the-knee boots are definitely a statement piece. When finding the perfect pair, make sure they fit comfortably around your leg and that they hit a few inches above the knee. Also, don’t worry about whether the boots have a heel or not. You can definitely work with a flat over-the-knee boot and still make it look sexy, yet be functional.”