For over a year now, the kimono look has been coming up season after season. From summer to winter, this trend keeps transitioning with the latest colors and patterns. After all, who wouldn’t love these cape-like garments? They are the perfect way to add some spice to your outfit plus they look great on every Fashionista.

The kimono, which actually translates to clothing in Japanese, originally started in Japan as far back as 1000 AD. Throughout history, the beautiful patterns and symbols represented different hierarchical significance in Japanese culture. Although the style has changed from its traditional times, the kimono trend currently has become increasingly popular in everyday fashion. This could be due to its long aesthetic lines and gorgeous colors and patterns for every style imaginable. Ranging from floor-length to just above the waist, Urban Outfitters has a different style kimono for everyone.

I spotted this Fashionista over the weekend looking fabulous in her maroon floral printed kimono and olive floppy hat. This outfit immediately caught my eye because of the incorporation of color and her long light layers. Her silver coin-inspired necklace also adds a great amount of texture. Recently in jewelry, a shift has gone from gold to more silver accents. Find a similar one to this Fashionista’s at Forever 21. Her rolled jeans transform to a more cropped look that accent her taupe booties perfectly. Overall, this outfit is casual and feminine with just the right amount of trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When putting an outfit together, start with your basic pieces and add as many fun textures and colors you want until you find the perfect combination.”