My favorite part about fashion is that it is continuously transformed and influenced by forward thinkers and other countries. The kimono is a traditional Japanese piece that has been adapted in order that all cultures can enjoy a wonderful fashion.

In Japan, kimonos are generally reserved for special occasions such as weddings or tea ceremonies. A more casual take on the kimono is called a yukata, which can be described as a casual summer kimono.

Our Fashionista this week definitely has the hang of the summer kimono. Summertime kimonos are generally made from cotton or synthetic fabric. The wide sleeves of this garment are what make it perfect for any kind of weather, day or night. I caught this Fashionista just outside of College Green Park.

Because a kimono is a great accessory in itself, this Fashionista played up her look with simple jewelry. Her necklace was bought from Francesca’s and is the perfect length to balance her white crop top. This necklace matched the buttons on her high-waisted skinny jeans. Little details like this are what make an outfit shine!

Wedges are the perfect shoe for any time of the day in the summer. Wedges also tend to be more comfortable than a pump without a platform. These neutral brown shoes finished off the outfit just right.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice would be to wear whatever makes you happy and makes you feel good. I feel like this outfit really expresses my style and that makes me happy.”