There’s no better way to embellish your look than by adding fun layering pieces. Some opt for dazzling jewelry whereas others prefer statement jackets or vests. My personal favorite for this summer would have to be an airy and breathtaking kimono; it’s the perfect addition to any look! This special piece is something that has made its way in the fashion industry within the last few years, but has become especially popular this summer. Kimonos are a perfect garment to sport at just about any location, whether it be the beach, mall, a concert or even a date.

This Fashionista embodies a 10/10 summer look. Although some may initially think that neutrals aren’t perfect for summer, I totally disagree. Neutrals are something that work well with any season, especially in the summer since it allows for tons of opportunities to wear bold pieces. The mix of purple, pale pink and black on her kimono work great and don’t overwhelm her look thanks to her white dress. It’s the perfect balance.

This Fashionista goes for the mainly minimalist vibe with her black strappy sandals and dangly champagne colored necklace. These simple pieces are great investments that everyone should make since they’re so versatile. However, to add a bohemian-chic essence, remember to pick up that trendy kimono the next time you’re out shopping. Side note: kimonos are phenomenal to wear for swanky summer photoshoots and are extremely slimming. What better combo?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A simple white dress will go a long way in everyone’s wardrobe. You’re able to pair it with everything, like I did with simple sandals and a fun kimono!”